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Darling Downs Eco Green

Businesses That Contribute to Eco Green in the Region of Darling Downs in Queensland, Australia

The Darling Downs region in Queensland, Australia, is home to a number of businesses that contribute greatly to environmental sustainability and eco-green practices. Here are just a few of the businesses in the region that are doing their part to protect the environment.

1. Hi-Torque Organics
Hi-Torque Organics is a farm in the Darling Downs region that specializes in the production of organic beef. The farm has a number of eco-green practices in place, including the use of compost to improve soil health and reduce the need for chemical fertilizers. Additionally, the farm utilizes solar power to offset its energy needs, and has implemented a number of water conservation measures to reduce its impact on the local water supply.

Benefits: By producing high-quality, organic beef in an environmentally sustainable manner, Hi-Torque Organics is helping to protect the environment while also providing customers with healthy, nutritious food.

Contact Details: Hi-Torque Organics, 3786 Gore Highway, Southbrook QLD 4363, Australia

2. Solar Australia
Solar Australia is a leading provider of solar panels and renewable energy solutions in the Darling Downs region. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help homeowners and businesses alike reduce their reliance on fossil fuels and decrease their carbon footprint.

Benefits: By promoting the use of renewable energy sources, Solar Australia is helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect the environment for future generations.

Contact Details: Solar Australia, Suite 70 47-49 Catalano Circuit, Canning Vale WA 6155, Australia

3. Madura Tea Estates
Madura Tea Estates is a tea plantation located in the heart of the Darling Downs region. The company grows and produces a range of high-quality teas, all of which are grown using sustainable practices that minimize the impact of farming on the environment. The plantation also utilizes rainwater harvesting and has implemented a number of water conservation measures to reduce its water usage.

Benefits: By producing sustainable, high-quality teas, Madura Tea Estates is helping to reduce the environmental impact of farming in the region while providing customers with a delicious and healthy beverage.

Contact Details: Madura Tea Estates, 6 Langi St, Murarrie Qld 4172, Australia

4. Toowoomba Regional Council
The Toowoomba Regional Council is responsible for managing the local environment and implementing a range of eco-green practices throughout the region. This includes the implementation of a recycling program, the establishment of green spaces and parks, and the promotion of sustainable living practices among residents and businesses.

Benefits: By taking a leadership role in promoting eco-green practices, the Toowoomba Regional Council is helping to protect the environment and encourage community participation in sustainability efforts.

Contact Details: Toowoomba Regional Council, 4 Little Street, Toowoomba Qld 4350, Australia

These are just a few of the businesses in the Darling Downs region that are contributing to eco-green practices and helping to protect the environment. By supporting these businesses and others like them, we can all do our part to create a more sustainable world.

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